About Us

Apex Investments Limited is one of the oldest brokerage house in Bangladesh with Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Membership No. 07. Apex Investments is fully compliant with Securities and Exchange Commission policies. Presently, we have 4 (including head office) branches and 1 extension office in different location.

Apex Investments Limited is a Syed Manzur Elahi enterprise. Mr. Manzur Elahi is a very well renowned entrepreneur and industrialist in the country and due to his high standing in the community and wide acceptability to all concerned, was invited to serve as an advisor to the caretaker Government in 1996 and 2001. Mr. Elahi became the 7th member of the Dhaka Stock exchange (DSE) in 1995 and founded SNM securities Limited, SNM Securities was rebranded as Apex Investments Limited (“AIL”) to serve in the capital markets of Bangladesh in October 2010.

The rebranded AIL focused on developing an efficient workforce with prime objective of high customer care and doing effective trading activities in DSE, as a result the company transformed its 24th position in 2018-2019 based on DSE broker turnover and 1st position in September 2019 based on DSE dealer account turnover.

AIL is now the country’s one of the largest brokerage house with more than 2% daily average turnover to DSE and has almost 32,000 active customers. It is privately held and has USD 48.98 million estimated market value and USD 64.60 million customer equity with more than 50 employees.


To be a leading investment institution in the country by implementing the most comprehensive, efficient and state of the art brokerage platform to provides superior service in order to build wealth for the generations.


  • Ensure superior services
  • Maintain sophisticated environment
  • Promote and maintain financial and transactional integrity
  • Provide comprehensive and high quality research
  • Become a gateway for international investors into Bangladesh